Why We Created This Website

When we have something that we love, we want to know as much as possible about it – so we start looking for people that have common interests with us. Before we started off this website, we also looked up information from wherever we could – and made our own database of coffee brewing tips and facts that were of interest to us.
After a while, we gained our own experience. So, we thought, why not share the love? We are already a community of people that love coffee – so we might as well bring some information that might be of good use to them.
This is why we decided to create this website – for people all around the world who love coffee just as much as we do. These people want tips on how to have a great cup of coffee every day – and we are happy to oblige. Plus, not only do we like delivering information to people – but we particularly love talking about this subject.
This website was born out of love. It was born out of experience, and we only deliver information that was thoroughly researched. This website was meant to be an encyclopedia for coffee lovers, where they could all gather and discuss their little obsession.