The Most Expensive Type of Coffee

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Coffee is so popular, and it became such a usual thing to drink it, that we don’t even think about the numerous types of coffee, brands and of course, prices.

If you are used to a specific type of coffee, you will drink it every day and you might not try to purchase anything else. However, in today’s article, we will be covering a very interesting and intriguing product, also known as the most expensive and best types of coffee in the world. We will also tell you why it is so expensive.

The coffee is named Kopi Luwak and is produced by using the following method: the Asian Palm Civet or Civet Cats eat the coffee fruit and then they pass the beans through their digestive tract. It might sound really odd at first but it’s really popular around the world for its unique preparation and taste.

The Back Story

This type of coffee is not as new as it may seem as it dates from the 18th century when the native farmers in Indonesia weren’t allowed to pick the coffee fruits for their own use as they were working for the Dutch colony that was established in those areas. So, the locals decided that they wanted something new and fresh, and they visualized it being produced somewhat different – and this is how this unique type of coffee appeared.


That’s when the story changes a little bit: the unique taste comes with a higher price than normal. For instance, a normal cup of coffee can cost 3 to 6 US dollars, whereas a kopi luwak cup of coffee can cost up to 85 dollars, depending on the location you’re serving it at.

Moreover, if you decide to buy the coffee to prepare it at your home, the costs can get even higher. For example, for 500 grams of coffee, you could end up spending close to 500 US dollars, whereas a normal coffee can cost from 3 to 11 US dollars.

Obviously, the prices are extremely different and that is why this type of coffee is entitled to be “the most expensive coffee in the world”. It’s so unique and the production is very intricate.

The Production

As we’ve mentioned before, the coffee is made from digested coffee beans that can be found in the droppings of the civet cat. After that, it is rigorously selected, rinsed and then prepared to become a real and exquisite coffee.

Another interesting aspect is that the animal is very “picky” so that it will only eat and digest the best quality fruits, so the taste will always be at a top-notch level. The entire process has to be done naturally by the animal because if it is stressed or if it’s being held captive (as it might happen in farms that grow the coffee plant), the coffee will not be tastier anymore.

Final Thoughts

As presented in this article, Kopi Luwak coffee is extremely different from everything else and it’s quite interesting. People that have tried it, especially tourists that were traveling in Bali or other cities in Indonesia, have said that is one interesting experience. They’ve said that everything is different – from the aroma, aftertaste and the serving and that it is worth the money, even if you’re only trying it once.

So, the bottom line suggestion is to try it if you ever have the opportunity, especially if you are a big fan of coffee. It’s always fun to try something that is innovative and creative.

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