Instant Coffee: 15 Facts You Should Know about It

Alongside brewed coffee, there are various other types of coffee that one can consume. One of those options is instant coffee, also known as soluble coffee. It can be obtained by just adding hot water to the coffee crystals and it turns into drinkable coffee.


When it comes to instant coffee, there can be a lot of advantages, disadvantages, and facts that might convince you whether to give it a try or not. So, you can help you make up your mind by offering you some interesting details about instant coffee.

  1. Instant coffee first appeared in the 18th century, in France, in the year 1771. At the time, there were some issues with it, because it couldn’t last for too long and it started going rancid. So, it couldn’t be used after a certain period of time.
  2. Even though it is not as popular as regular coffee, instant coffee still has many “fans”, being consumed by almost 13% of caffeine lovers.
  3. There are two main ways of making instant coffee: the first one is spray drying and it means that the coffee is made by spraying coffee extract into the hot air and then it dries into small droplets that turn into small pieces of powder. The second method is by freeze-drying, where the coffee extract is firstly frozen and then cut into small pieces. Using these methods helps to prevent the quality of the coffee alongside the flavor.
  4. Instant coffee contains nutrients and antioxidants and it helps the body stay healthy. It was also demonstrated that instant coffee might have even more antioxidants, because of the way it is prepared. It’s great knowing that even though the general belief is that brewed coffee is healthier than any other type, in this case, the instant choice contains even more antioxidants that help the body function in a better way.
  5. You should know that instant coffee has a lot of health benefits, just like regular coffee. With that being said, it helps your body and brain to work much faster and be more organized. When drinking caffeine, our brain reacts to it and manages to enhance our functions – so we will feel full of life and ready to get every single task of the day done.


  6. Instant coffee contains less caffeine than regular coffee and that might be good or bad for you, depending on what you’re seeking. For example, a regular cup of coffee can contain up to 150 mg of caffeine while the instant alternative contains up to 90 mg of caffeine. As you can see, there is a slight difference between the two options and you can choose the alternative that suits you the best.
  7. Instant coffee contains a chemical that is harmful to the human being and it can be found in much larger quantities than in regular coffee. The chemical is called Acrylamide and it generally forms when the coffee beans are roasted. There have been reports that this chemical might be really harmful to your body if consumed in large quantities, but instant coffee contains safe amounts of acrylamide.
  8. Instant Coffee is used in a non-food related field. For instance, it is one of the ingredients in a photographic developer that is called “Caffenol-C“.
  9. The bean that is mostly used when making instant coffee is substandard bean and the difference in the taste can be felt as it doesn’t have as much flavor.
  10. The instant coffee business can be really profitable – just as profitable as the regular coffee business. Only in the year 2013, there have been reports of people spending an amount of over 18 billion pounds on instant coffee.
  11. Some people prefer instant coffee as opposed to regular coffee because it’s easier to make. For instance, in Australia, over 75 percent of people drink instant coffee, being the highest percentage in the world.
  12. People also prefer instant coffee because there is no waste after preparing it. As people have declared, sometimes it can be a hustle to dispose of the leftover coffee grounds.
  13. Instant coffee doesn’t have as much flavor as the normal one, because it is made from inferior beans to drive down the costs – that’s why it is relatively cheaper than brewed coffee.
  • Almost half of 100% of the green coffee is actually used to produce instant coffee.
  1. Instant coffee can be found in various shape and forms. You can purchase it in jars made out of plastic or glass, tins, and sachets.

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