About us

About Us

Two out of three people can’t start their day without a cup of coffee – and the other person sometimes drinks one for social reasons – or when they are too tired. Needless to say, unless they have a condition that prevents them from drinking stimulants, every person drinks at least one or two cups of coffee every week.

There are, however, some people for whom coffee is a sacred elixir of life that keep them going – and this is exactly us as well. Coffee breeds life with every cup – and when you are a coffee addict lover, you can’t help but want to share.

We are a team that values good information. Every coffee lover wants to learn more about their favorite beverage, where it comes from, how to brew it in order to have a wonderful cup. They want a better experience with each cup – and we want to offer that.

Spreading the Love

We have the experience, we have the knowledge. We know our way around coffee by customizing our favorite brew every day. Some of us enjoy drinking a long, classic Americano – while others prefer a nice latte to give them a small buzz.

Last but not least, we value quality, and we value taste. For us, coffee is not just a bunch of caffeine that gives us a buzz. Coffee is the chocolate tour soul. Unless it’s of the highest quality, it won’t taste good – but unless you “cook” it properly, it won’t taste that great either.

This is why we gather information from professional baristas – so that you, the average coffee lover, can brew a cup of coffee every morning like a professional. We bring you tips, we bring you stories, and we bring you all you might want to know about coffee.

Now, take a sip from your own cup as we teach you magic!